Vaccinia virus is a versatile expression vector capable of accommodating exogenous cDNA of large size. Vaccinex has exploited this property to create large libraries of recombinant virus containing human cDNAs from diverse tissue sources and cultured cell lines. During infection, these exogenous cDNAs are expressed and processed correctly using host machinery. This includes trafficking and subcellular localization.

Many studies have been published that identify binding molecules with interesting function but unknown specificity. These molecules (which can be antibodies, orphan ligands, and even peptides) may impart a phenotypic effect on the cell through interaction with an unknown host protein. Often that interaction can result in cell death as with the search for novel agents that kill cancer cells. Identifying the host protein that these molecules engage is critical to understanding the mechanism of action and developing new agents for clinical intervention.

Vaccinex can use recombinant virus technology to infect cells and employ cell sorting with your labeled binding molecule to find the host protein with which it interacts. Our process is fast and can work in instances where other technologies like mass spec fail, and we can accommodate many different formats.