Vaccinex has developed an antibody discovery platform that enables efficient mammalian cell based expression of a library of human antibodies in full length IgG format on the surface of both a mammalian virus and the cell surface. This allows us to combine the advantages of virus panning and cell sorting into one seamless selection process. This technology enables the rapid selection of 1010 antibody combinations and thus selection of high affinity leads with varied frameworks that recognize multiple epitopes. We believe selected antibodies are ideally suited for development because they have already passed mammalian cell quality control during the selection process.

Vaccinex has also modified this fusion protein technology to enable the direct incorporation of multipass membrane proteins such as GPCRs and ion channels into the viral membrane.  This method is rapid, does not require any detergents or refolding, and can be applied to multiple different cell types to maximize protein expression. Antigen expressing virus can be readily purified and used for antibody selection.

We can help you select antibodies against your therapeutic targets of interest.  Use this link to request more information about our ActivMab services.  Use the links on the left to learn more about our innovative approach.


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