Vaccinex to present its ActivMAb® Antibody Discovery Technology at the 2014 IBC Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference

ROCHESTER, NY – Vaccinex Inc. announced today that Dr. Ernest Smith, Senior Vice President of Research and CSO, will present information on its proprietary, mammalian cell-based antibody selection platform at the IBC Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Conference in Huntington Beach, California on Wednesday, December 10th. Dr. Smith’s presentation is part of the “Engineering Antibody Developability” track. Vaccinex’s antibody discovery platform, ActivMAb®, uses a vaccinia virus-based library technology that enables efficient selection of fully functional IgG antibodies from highly diverse, human immunoglobulin gene libraries expressed on both viral particles and the membrane of the mammalian cells they infect. This novel approach combines the advantages of virus panning and cell sorting into one technology, and rivals other commercial platforms in terms of throughput and diversity examined. Furthermore, compared to other selection technologies, it has the advantage of being a true mammalian cell-based platform that has built in selection for antibodies with favorable development properties.

About Vaccinex, Inc., – based in Rochester, New York, is a privately held clinical-stage biotechnology company engaged in the discovery and development of human therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to treat cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, including multiple sclerosis and Huntington’s disease. Vaccinex utilizes its proprietary ActivMAb® Antibody Discovery Technology for rapid, mammalian cell-based antibody selection to build its antibody pipeline and in service to its biopharmaceutical partners. Compared to other selection technologies, ActivMAb® combines the advantages of rapid and sensitive selection by virus panning and cell sorting in one technology, with intrinsic selection of antibodies that are efficiently expressed and stable in mammalian cells. For more information and to contact Vaccinex, visit