Antibody Discovery for CXCR5

ActivMAb® in Action:
Antibody Discovery for CXCR5

Human C-X-C Receptor 5 (CXCR5) is a 372 amino acid cytokine receptor expressed on the membranes of B cells. The protein contains 7 transmembrane domains with 3 extracellular loops and an N-terminal domain available for antibody binding on the cell surface.


Mice immunized with CXCR5 antigen virions produce detectable sera titers in various strains.

Single Cell Technologies

Supernatants from cultured plasma cells tested by ELISA for CXCR5 binding using antigen virions.

Memory B cells stained with CXCR5 antigen virion-coated fluorescent beads and sorted based on fluorescence intensity over controls.

Selected antibodies showed high affinity, specificity and functional blocking of CXCL13 ligand binding.

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