Antigen expression on the cell surface

  • Vaccina cDNA library created from antigen expressing cells
  • cDNA’s encoded in the vaccinia genome are expressed as though native to the infected cell.
  • Host quality control machinery ensure appropriate post-translational modification as well as assembly with any co-receptors or auxiliary proteins depending on cell type chosen.
  • Vaccinia virus has a wide host range to support appropriate presentation.




  • Every cell expresses one cDNA
  • Single color FACS for binding
  • Cell sorting for precise control over selection
  • Recover virus by simple freeze/thaw




Our Vaccinia Virus technology can identify target proteins using recombinant libraries and FACS. Our strategy offers the following advantages:

  • Expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells.
  • Large cDNA library size to cover millions of potential targets.
  • Capability to make custom cDNA libraries from sources known to bind the molecule of interest.
  • Ability to accommodate various forms of binding proteins (full length IgG, scFv, Fab, peptide, scaffold, etc.)
  • Fast timelines due to reiterative rounds of sorting.