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ActivMab® platform enables the discovery and development of antibodies with high selectivity and novel mechanisms of action against complex membrane proteins.

Vaccinex’s Next Generation ActivMAb® Technology Published in mAbs, a Leading Biotech Journal, and Validated in OmniAb Proof-of-Concept Collaboration

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Antibody Discovery for Challenging Targets Powered by ActivMab® Technology

Vaccinex has developed a proprietary mammalian based antibody discovery platform with unique multi-pass membrane target capabilities.

Antigen Virus, In Vivo Discovery, In Vitro Discovery & Protein Optimization

Antigen Virus

Our technology allows for the expression of multi-pass membrane proteins in a format suitable for use with both in vitro and in vivo Antibody Discovery methods.

In Vivo Discovery

Antigen virions can be used to immunize multiple species for Antibody Discovery.

In Vitro Discovery

The antigen-expressing virions enable antibody discovery on complex antigens using methods that are utilized for simple purified proteins.

Protein Optimization

Our proprietary technology with poxvirus is built on years of experience creating recombinant libraries in Vaccinia Virus.

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