ActivMAb® Discovery Solutions

Whether you need Antibody Discovery, Complex Membrane Antigens, Target Identification, or Protein Optimization, our ActivMAb® Discovery services offer unique solutions to assist in your Drug Discovery and Development projects.

Let us help you move faster from bench to clinic.



Vaccinex has developed a proprietary mammalian cell based antibody discovery platform with unique multi-pass membrane target capabilities. The Activmab technology now has four main applications:


Complex Membrane Antigen Virus

  • direct incorporation of multipass membrane proteins into the viral membrane.
  • proven expression of many GPCRS and Ion Channels
  • no detergents or refolding needed for properly folded protein
  • suitable for antibody discovery including in vitro display methods and immunization


Antibody Discovery

  • library of human antibodies in full length IgG format
  • IgG expressed on the surface of both a mammalian virus and cell
  • rapid selection of >1010 antibody combinations
  • selected antibodies are ideally suited for development


Protein Optimization

  • optimization of protein expression by mutagenesis
  • selection for desired variants in a fully mammalian cell system


Antigen Discovery

  • large antigen libraries in a mammalian virus
  • identify the unknown targets of orphaned binding molecules


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