Incorporation of Complex Membrane Proteins into Vaccinia

Vaccinex fusion protein technology provides for efficient incorporation of multi-pass membrane proteins into the vaccinia virus membrane. Untagged molecules do not incorporate efficiently.



  • Mammalian Expression of ANY membrane protein:
    • GPCRs, ion channels, multispanners and ECDs
    • Expression Optimization by mutagenesis and selection
  • One Size Fits All Purification of Proteins in their natural state
    • Mammalian cell expressed protein contained in the viral membrane
    • No protein optimization required
    • No detergents or refolding
    • Just Harvest the Virus
    • 2 months from sequence to antigen
  • Ideal for Antibody Discovery
    • Suitable for vaccinia, phage, yeast displays and immunization
    • Limited viral membrane complexity facilitates depletion of unwanted reactivities



Virions as Antigen for in vitro Antibody Selection

Antigen-Virus-3-mobile Antigen-Virus-3
  • Mini-library cloning into mammalian secreted IgG vector
  • Transfect CHO
  • Test by flow cytometry for binding to Antigen  expressing cells